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This is where you are supposed to get some info about me. My real name is Guillermo Simmross. I began composing music in 1995. My first contact with the scene was when I watched a demo by Cascada called 'Cronologia'. Then I began to get interested in the music within the demo.

My first experience composing music was with ModEdit 1.0. In those times I was tracking some covers of techno songs to learn how tracked music works. Then came Scream Tracker 3, and I began to compose more melodic stuff. After two years using ST3, Impulse Tracker was released and all I needed for composing quality music was inspiration. I have always been interested in the complex flowing of music, and I try to investigate how far my mind can go with it. I really like the complexity within musical cleanness to get a sensefull whole. Nowadays I use more professional programs to compose music, but I still use trackers because of their special feeling (take a look to Schism).

Here you can see me at the Port of Barcelona thinking about nothing:


My first demogroup was 'Elerium Core', which is inactive nowadays. Now I am part of the demoscene group 'Stravaganza', which is a very active group in the spanish demoscene, and I colaborate with other demoscene groups such as 'Fuzzion'. My hobbies also include playing indoor soccer and joking with my friends. I am finishing Electronics Engineering in my city's university. Nothing more for the moment.